Dannielle Nicholson

Dannielle Nicholson

Art Director

As an Art Director here at Drake Cooper, Dannie is responsible for anything and everything from identity wrangling, strategic epiphanizing, brand love, typographic prowess, concept concocting, marketing mojo, photographing and copy tweaking, to loading the dishwasher—because she's a mom and she just can't help herself.

And while Dannie loves filling the photographer role here at Drake Cooper, she also enjoys her lifestyle and documentary portraiture business in her spare time. She has found that by being the one behind the camera, she rarely has to be in front of it—an arrangement that is quite intentional on her part.

Dannie earned her BFA in Visual Communications from the University of Washington, and has spent the last twenty-something years working in design firms and marketing agencies in Seattle, then Portland, and onto to Boise, all the while cultivating and growing her skills as a creative being. Throughout the years, her work has been featured in Communication arts, and she has won several Rocky Awards.

A lesser known talent / skill Dannie has recently added to her repertoire is being an AAM certified Areola Micro Pigmentation Specialist. At least a few times a month you'll find her tattooing the faux mammaries of cancer patients who've undergone breast reconstruction, like herself. As a survivor and artist who saw a need in our community, Dannie ran toward the opportunity to help other survivors get to feeling whole and beautiful again. In her words, "It's the perfect pairing of my artistic skills, and my experience as a breast cancer survivor, and it's just one of those things that makes my heart overflow... and sometimes my eyes. And, besides, I love the look on people's faces when I tell them I'm a tattoo artist!"

Juggling her artistic and professional endeavors is always accompanied by being a mom to three handsome and epically mischievous sons, a wife to a dashing engineer, and Goldendoodle's running partner. While not chasing after a new project or child, her spare moments are dedicated to running in the foothills, filling her lungs with fresh air, praying she doesn't encounter a snake, and challenging herself to go a little harder and a little faster.