Emily Gray

Emily Gray

Account Manager

Emily is a 4th level D&D cleric working as an Account Manager in Seattle. She brings a unique background of dark humor and overall nerdery to the team, and has won "best hair" six years running. Her powerful hair comes in handy when she’s wheelin’ and dealin’ client comms, campaign schedules, budgets, timelines, approvals, events, social media, and pop culture references. If you need something done, she’s your huckleberry (see what we did there?).

Emily grew up in Boise, where her early-90’s bowl cut could live freely and unabashedly much to the concern of her friends and family. After stomping around the mountains and a rambunctious time at THE University of Idaho, she moved to Washington because she heard of the ‘Seattle Freeze’ and thought it had something to do with the planet Hoth.

Emily spends most of her spare time exploring Seattle with her husband or rocking out at the Tractor Tavern. Catch her at a baseball game and she'll buy you a beer (Dodgers fans only). Bring up Harry Potter and prepare to be schooliosa'd, or ask her for free, unsolicited medical advice and she'll be your personal WebMD.


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