Joe Boren

Joe Boren

IT Manager

As The IT Manager here at Drake Cooper, Joe spends most of his time chasing geese, herding cats and figuring out why coffee maker will only make terrible coffee. In between these vitally important tasks he finds time to install and manage Drake Coopers' Servers, workstations, network devices, internet-connected soda machines, managing online services, and do a little dev-ops on the side.

Prior to joining Drake Cooper, Joe was an Owner and Field Services Manger for BizNet IT, providing IT services, hardware and support for more than 350 local small and medium businesses.

Joe studied Electronic Engineering at DeVry University, after high school, as this was literally the farthest he could get from his hometown before running out of gas money. Later he was a Classical Guitar Performance major at BSU, then a Music Business major, before deciding that maybe he should figure out what he wanted to study BEFORE actually enrolling in it. On the subject of computers and IT, Joe is completely self-taught.

Joe spends his free time cooking, hiking with his dog in the foothills and along the greenbelt, playing in the river, skiing, backpacking, falling off his skateboard, building ridiculously useless electronic gadgets, and staying the hell away from computers.