Lisa Hawkes

Lisa Hawkes

Video Producer

Lisa is a Video Producer for Drake Cooper's internal video production team known as Tapeless. She breaks down video scripts into executable components and puzzles together a production plan. She works on budgeting, scheduling, finding locations and talent, insourcing and outsourcing technicians to perform the various functions of production, and much more.

Lisa most recently started at Drake Cooper in 2015 but had a 15 year first life at Drake that began in 1994. She spent many years as a broadcast producer outsourcing TV and radio production for clients including Idaho Travel Council, Idaho Lottery, and Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. She also filled roles in account management and sales. In her five years away from Drake Cooper, Lisa spent time freelancing as a producer for clients such as Scentsy and Bob Strollers. She then spent two years working with the non-profit organization Student Conservation Association, of which she is an alum, assisting its Boise office and working with public land partners and college students in their efforts to manage and conserve public lands and monuments. Swinging from non-profit to corporate, Lisa then spent two years at the headquarters of, an online retailer of bodybuilding and dietary supplements and information. As a project manager in the Digital Publishing Group, she coordinated various elements for the team that produced videos and articles for the website.

Originally from Georgia, Lisa moved out west during her college years and graduated from Montana State University in Bozeman with a BA in motion picture and video production. She spent time in public television, on feature films, and at the Idaho Film Commission before joining the ranks of Drake Cooper.

Lisa's other job is being a juggler of all the things she loves. Of course her husband and children are at the top of that list, followed by her family and friends, trail running, tennis, book club, watching documentaries with her husband, camping with her kids, air travel, road travel, feeling bad about her carbon footprint, recycling, group exercise class, acting, voice over work, chaperoning field trips, hitting the snooze button, and any kind of challenge.