Quinn Husney

Quinn Husney

Account Coordinator

If coffee were a person, it would be Quinn.

Originally from Boise, Quinn briefly considered becoming a crime scene investigator (after a few too many episodes of Law and Order), a paper salesman (after a few too many episodes of The Office), and a White Walker (after a few too many episodes of Game of Thrones). She chose Colorado College because the people seemed nice and the food was yummy, and drifted from major to major until she found psych and fell madly in love.

She did not, however, fall in love with research, which turns out to be kind of an important caveat when you plan on becoming a behavioral scientist. After several years in a white coat, Quinn tired of talking to the lab animals and set out in search of a career that would exercise her imagination and return the energy she put in.

To quench her creative thirst, Quinn began an affair with marketing (it started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this?). The affair grew to occupy more and more of her heart until it blossomed into something more, and Quinn knew it was time for a career-change. She taught herself everything she could about marketing from videos on the internet before full-sending into Drake Cooper’s Backstage Pass internship. She cried when she got it.

The internship went better than expected, and Quinn now works as an Account Coordinator⁠—planning projects, supporting campaigns, and empowering clients. Long story short: started from the bottom (well, internship), now she’s just a little bit higher than the bottom. She’s confident this next chapter of her life will be the best one yet. Stay tuned.