Rebecca Patrick

Rebecca Patrick

Account Coordinator

After graduating from the University of Idaho with a degree in Marketing, Becca joined DC in 2017 as an Accounting Specialist. She dabbled with numbers long enough to thoroughly learn the ins and outs of media spending and made another temporary home within the Media Team. Becca is an advertising chameleon, she adapts to any circumstance she finds herself in and establishes herself as an asset to all.

Most recently, Becca has adopted a role on the Account Team as an Account Coordinator. Becca spends her days ensuring client campaigns and tactics are pacing to budget and hitting their deadlines. If she’s not hustlin’ around the office to pumpin’ out projects, you can find her searching for the next best americano, happy hour, or outdoor adventure.

Her obsession with customer service, organization, and collaboration makes her a perfect fit for her role at Drake Cooper, thus making every day the #bestdayever.

There’s something truly uplifting about a gal whose motto is “let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” She is wildly detail oriented and will always make sure your day is going the best it can possibly be.