Sara Chase

Sara Chase

Account Director

Discover what others need and see that they get it.

Replace ‘other’ with clients, their customers, or Drake Cooper teams and that’s what makes Sara’s world work. It’s not for everyone, but it sure cranks her motor. Sara’s knowledge of Idaho’s diverse landscape and its 200+ communities fits well with our clients having this in common: Idaho. That includes Agriculture, Commerce, Forest, Labor, Lottery, and Your Health.

How often do you find an ad person who’s worked in the same firm for more than 30 years? It’s weird. Because a) that’s literally a lifetime and b) that makes Sara old. It’s also perfect. Because a) at 58 you know what matters and b) 30+ years wouldn’t happen if a person didn’t love the leadership and culture that have remained constant through a ton of un-constant. Sara spent about a decade media planning until the late ‘90’s when the desire for change transitioned into nurturing client relationships and championing their brands. Maybe it’s rare to place roots with one company, but the rewards have made it a seriously wise career choice that’s been right-on for Sara.

Strictly a right seat pilot in their single engine Cherokee Six, Sara navigates weekend jaunts with her pilot partner to fun destinations for gorgeous scenery, a round of golf or a game of Blackjack. A quick trip to McCall for breakfast is pretty fun, too.