Sarah Masterson

Sarah Masterson

Creative Services Manager

Oh, Sarah. Our do-it-all team player. She’s a creative services manager, which means she gets to be included in every step of how a campaign is executed. This includes all of the really inspiring brainstorming meetings where ideas are being formed (her personal favorites), and those panic moments where everything resembles the last scene from the Titanic and she’s the guy in the middle of the wreckage playing the violin. So, it's a win-win.

If you were to ask her what she does, well... kind of everything. She has a background in film production, journalism and most recently she designed campaigns in the digital space where she became fluent in HTML. She also works in Wordpress and is trying to become familiar with Orchard. Sarah enjoys writing jokes, working on short fiction or small film projects, and of course, hanging out with her dog RangDang Dipkin. She can also change her duvet cover in 4 days.

What organizations or clubs are you involved in?
I’m on the board of Boise Brigade, which is Boise's chapter of Code for America.

What’s your favorite quote?
When you're here, you're family.
-Olive Garden

What is one thing you wish the rest of the world knew about you?
I love the smooth sounds of Steely Dan and I'm a really good cook. My search history includes "Doritos Casserole.”