Mad Men Scientists

We are not bound to the industry we are in and we go to extraordinary lengths to create and invent.

DC LABS is the inventions engine of Drake Cooper. Serving as the in-house research and development arm of the agency, DC LABS is an active test bench for product ideas and startups. To help Drake Cooper and its clients Build Ambitious Brands, the LAB team concepts, designs and builds digital and physical computing products.

Even after college, we’re still experimenting.

Michael Wilson



Sometimes you are the pony. Sometimes you are the wolf.

We build games for the ambitious.

Ponywolf’s creative process is focused on invention and the first products to launch are infusing fresh ideas IN game based storytelling. Take the addictive engagement of game design, sprinkle in 30 years of creative storytelling and give it enough technological prowess to knock your teeth out. That’s Ponywolf.


Tapeless takes the “production” out of production to make sight, sound and motion services accessible for the digital age. Start with a gearhead mentality, mix with ambitious strategy, storyweaving, imagecraft and finally bunk up with a proven, award-winning “ad agency.” Top it all off with some secret spices and viola: Tapeless.