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Backstage Pass Goes Live

We are super excited to announce our Backstage Passers for the summer of 2017!

Each year the Backstage Pass team gets an insider experience with the agency. They get to stretch their skills, shadow employees, help us solve creative problems, and a whole lot more. But most importantly, they get to work on real projects with real briefs for real clients.

This Is How We Rock, And Roll

Every two weeks, the BSP gets briefed on a new project. This could be anything from conducting a research study to building a microsite or scoping out some guerilla marketing tactics. After a deep discussion about the brief and the problems at hand, they get one week to brainstorm and find the best solution out there. After that, they will build and present a draft of their work to a core team for feedback. Once things are ready, they present their work to the entire agency.

We aren’t talking small projects either. Many of our clients and partners have incredible opportunities and tasks that are perfect for some fresh thinking. In previous years, the work of the Backstage Pass has kick-started enormous campaigns and projects for the agency.

Throughout the summer, we will try our best to keep everybody up to date on what they are up to. If you feel like you have what it take to be a Backstage Passer, applications for next year’s tour will open up in January.

Bryan Bennion (BYU Idaho), Chris Martindale (Boise State University), Ben Konkol (Boise State University), and Sydney Giacomazzi (University of Idaho).