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Squeal on Pigs

If you’ve been watching the news lately, you may have heard about feral pigs causing landowners and communities some trouble. Feral pigs were introduced in the 1500’s for hunting purposes but fast forward to present day, with their rapid population expansion, large tusks and aggressive nature, they now pose a threat to our environment—contaminating watersheds, causing damage to vegetation, threatening native wildlife and often carrying viruses due to their unhygienic nature.

For years, landowners have viewed these animals as game or part of nature but the truth is, they cause massive damage and expand rapidly when left unmanaged.

Together, The Oregon Invasive Species Council and Drake Cooper created “Squeal on Pigs” to alert about the danger of feral pigs and who to contact if they are spotted.

Squeal On Pigs Graphic

The messaging just launched and we’re pleased to see that its already caught the attention of over a dozen Northwest news outlets.

Drake Cooper works with Departments of Agriculture and Invasive Species programs in Oregon, Washington and Idaho.