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Summer Internships Are On!

Wanna be an advertising roadie? Drake Cooper is looking for some strong hands for our Backstage Pass program. It’s like everyone else’s summer internship program, only ours is way more rad. We won’t even make you run for lattes or fish tacos. Actually, we can’t back that, but you’ll pick one up for yourself as well, and then get right back here to work right beside us—how else are you going to learn the ropes of advertising in the new century!?

We take the job seriously. You’ll have deliverables to produce, content to create, images to tweak, information to research, and edits to make (all due yesterday). *Heavy mental lifting required.* We move fast and you’ll have to keep up. Thankfully, we’ll give you the tools to do that, and we’ll guide you along the way.

Bring your own earplugs and be ready to get dirty and smart. The gig runs June 1st through August 1st. We’re flexible with schedules, so don’t let a gig that pays (did we mention…these aren’t paid internships) or anything else get in the way of trying your hand with our Drake Cooper polka band (Jk, We’d be more of a David Bowie meets the Local Natives, with a dash of Radiohead, a splash of St. Vincent, and a jigger of Django Reinhardt, type of band.).

Spiff up your resume, gloss up your portfolio, and compile anything else that makes you shine.

Submission Requirements:

  • PDF resume and cover letter
  • Link to online portfolio (no hard copy or PDF portfolios accepted). umm, if you don’t have a portfolio because you are looking for an account position or some other marketing interest, then just skip this one.
  • Answer this question in 250 words or less: What is the best ad campaign running currently and why do you think it kicks ass?
  • Submissions must be turned in by May 1st to