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The Backstage Pass Internship is Back

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The Backstage Pass is back at Drake Cooper. It’s the largest advertising internship program in Idaho and we’re excited to bring it back for round two. We’re modifying the structure a bit this year by bringing in three interns that act as Junior Producers to work directly with Drake Cooper’s digital team. We’re looking for three talented individuals with raw talent and a knack for all things on the world wide web.

As a Junior Producer you will be working with fellow Junior Producers as a team to create strategic and creative work for real clients. You’ll get a taste of every aspect of advertising from some of the most talented folks around. You’ll learn a lot about yourself in a short amount of time and you’ll probably come away knowing whether advertising is your thing or if it’s time to enroll in a technical college to become a heating and air conditioning specialist (it’s certainly the more profitable career choice). You’re going to work your ass off, but we’re confident you’ll have a good time too. One thing is certain; our Backstage Pass internship program will provide you with a line item for your bourgeoning resume that will be way more beneficial than “Agency Barista.”

The Why
We no longer live in an advertising world that’s made of art and copy. It is now a world of art, copy and code. We are out to train the next generation. With this mission, we’re recreating The Backstage Pass–a three month long paid internship program that will train three Junior Producers for the world of advertising and digital marketing.

+ This program will run May 26th – August 13th with the potential opportunity for it be an ongoing position.

+ It will be a paid, contracted internship at a rate of $12/hour for 20-30 hours per week.

+ Interns will work out of the downtown Boise office.

Junior Producers will have a “Sound Check” every Wednesday from 5 – 7pm. During this time, Drake Cooper will host a workshop and kick off training in a new subject. Subjects range from HTML & CSS, Search Engine Marketing, to WordPress. After the workshop, a project brief is given to the junior producers for them to solve a real business problem for a real client with digital marketing. They’ll be given a week to solve this problem and at the end of the week, they will present their project to the agency. Along with workshops and weekly projects, Junior Producers will have rapid response tasks assigned throughout the week.

+ Access: We are a busy agency, but we sincerely believe in nurturing young adlings so they can spread their wings and hopefully move out of their parents’ basement. The Junior Producers will have open access to the agency and employees during their time at Drake Cooper. If you’re hungry to learn, we’re glad to share what we know.

+ School Credit: Check with your faculty advisors for the requirements you’ll need to get school credit and we’ll do our best to help you get the right skills and experience.

+ Letter of Recommendation: If you make it through the gauntlet and we think you have the chops for this sort of thing, we will gladly pen a letter of recommendation at your behest. Just remember us when you’re a world-famous ad all-star.

Raw Talent
Individuals with the following skills will be favored during the selection process:

+ Graphic Design
+ Project Management
+ Photography
+ Social Media
+ Email Marketing
+ Text Marketing
+ WordPress
+ Javascript

+ Mar 31st: Resumes and portfolios begin being accepted

+ May 5th: Interviews begin being scheduled

+ May 19th: Selections made

+ May 28th: First Day
▪ Kickoff
▪ Ad Agency 101

+ Jun 4th:
▪ Sound Check – Assignment 1
▪ Fundamentals of Web Design

+ Jun 11th:
▪ Sound Check – Assignment 1 Review
▪ HTML Training

+ Jun 18th:
▪ Sound Check – Assignment 2
▪ CSS Training

+ Jun 25th:
▪ Sound Check – Assignment 2 Review
▪ Javascript Training

+ Jul 2nd:
▪ Sound Check – Assignment 3
▪ Advanced HTML & CSS

+ Jul 9th:
▪ Sound Check – Assignment 3 Review
▪ WordPress

+ Jul 16th:
▪ Sound Check – Assignment 4
▪ Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

+ Jul 23rd:
▪ Sound Check – Assignment 4 Review
▪ Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

+ Jul 30th:
▪ Sound Check – Assignment 5
▪ Analytics Training

+ Aug 6th:
▪ Sound Check – Review Assignment 5
▪ Photography Training

+ Aug 13th – Last Day
▪ Review & Feedback

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