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With all of the adventures Idaho has to offer, The Idaho Division of Tourism tasked Drake Cooper with developing a better way to communicate the vast array of things to do in Idaho through their digital presence. The end product of this request is the redesigned that’s organized into three primary sections: Things to Do, highlighting specific adventures and resources with filters to find the right fit by budget, location, season, etc.; Trip Guides, first-person accounts and tips from Idaho adventurers; and Places to Stay, a comprehensive list of lodging options powered by TripAdvisor. And alongside these primary sections are hundreds of pages of Idaho content and adventure category landing pages that add relevance for SEO. With a focus on content, usability, and a mobile-first design, the new has everything families need to get out and explore the Gem State.

Services Provided

  • Digital Strategy
  • UI/UX Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital Development
  • Content Marketing
  • Photography
  • Media Strategy & Planning
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$1.05 Billion In direct impact of state revenue each year

The U.S. Travel Association reports that tourism brings in $3.4 Billion each year for the state of Idaho while Google reports that 31% of travelers will visit destination-branded sites during their online travel planning process.

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Truth is, Idaho kinda sells itself. Through hundreds of Adventures and Trip Guides, helps travelers find out how to take advantage of all the state has to offer. Adventures are the bedrock, laying out the when/where/how of Idaho activities ranging from spa days to base jumps. Trip Guides add a first-person lense into the experiences the Adventures provide. Related content, nearby Places to Stay and smart filters make finding and connecting with content simple.

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TripAdvisor Integration

To manage all of the lodging options available in Idaho, we opted for a partnership with TripAdvisor. Not only could we leverage TripAdvisor’s vast database of lodging information, user ratings and reviews, this also encourages our lodging partners throughout the state to utilize TripAdvisor and improve their visibility to a broader travel-planning audience.

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214% Increase In Mobile Visitors

Custom Adventure Icons

With all the Adventures Idaho has to offer, we designed a custom icon font to help navigate the various categories. It also includes about 140 supporting icons.

  • notebook
  • book
  • calendar
  • search
  • postcard
  • print
  • picture
  • acorn
  • theme-park
  • hunting
  • cave
  • flag
  • lewis-clark
  • museum
  • feather
  • wagon
  • wine
  • golf
  • birding
  • beer
  • paddles
  • balloon
  • road-biking
  • base-jumping
  • climbing
  • apple
  • helmet
  • sign
  • landing-strip
  • cards
  • rosaddle
  • football
  • skiing
  • potato
  • spa
  • lift
  • lifesaver
  • skate
  • hanggliding
  • backpack