We believe that technology should be harnessed to empower and enhance human potential, rather than replace it. With this in mind, we have developed an AI policy that reflects our commitment to an employee-centered approach. We strive to ensure that our technological endeavors align with our values and the needs of our clients.

Our agency AI principals are as follows:

  1. Embracing Technology with Human Input:
    • We are all for embracing the power of AI technology, but we understand that human input and creativity are irreplaceable. Therefore, we will never use AI generated work and pass it off as our own, AI will only be used to amplify the expertise of our employee-owners.
    • All AI tools will be overseen by a qualified employee-owner with any AI generated work being thoroughly vetted by a human.
  2. Accountability:
    • We maintain clear lines of accountability within our organization and establish protocols for addressing AI-related concerns or incidents.
  3. Bias and Discrimination Prevention:
    • We will actively work to identify and prevent biases in the AI systems we utilize, to ensure fairness and inclusivity in all aspects of AI development and deployment.
    • Regular audits and assessments will be conducted to evaluate and address any potential biases in the data and algorithms.
  4. Data Privacy:
    • Drake Cooper takes data privacy very seriously. Client data will only be used when authorized and will be treated with the utmost care to ensure compliance with privacy policies and consent requirements. Client trust means everything to us.
  5. Research and Understanding:
    • We will thoroughly research the AI tools we utilize so we have a good understanding of their capabilities and limitations. We are committed to making informed decisions, prioritizing safety and ethical considerations.
  6. Transparency:
    • We will ensure that any content generated by AI is clearly labeled. Our aim is to keep you well-informed, so you can distinguish between human and AI contributions.
  7. Communication and Client Engagement:
    • Our AI policy is always publicly available on our website. If AI is being used on a project, we will inform you where and how it is being utilized.

As we continue to forge ahead in this new world of AI, we will remain dedicated to upholding this policy, fostering both human ingenuity and technological innovation. With our company values in mind, we aim to build a future where AI serves as a valuable ally, while maintaining the integrity of our work and relationships with our clients.