Great work comes from great people

Abhor mediocrity? Have a strong dislike for the run-of-the-mill? Do the words “good enough” or “that will work” create a visceral response in your digestive tract? Well then, you might be right at home at DC.

WE are the ambitious doing work for the ambitious, and we look for mad scientist marketers with Jedi-mind-trickery and heaps of chutzpah.

YOU are pro-interesting, have a fear of mediocrity, anti-sameness, and are on a quest for the ultimate truthiness (that gets people to buy stuff). If that’s you, send us your stuff and let’s talk.



Backstage Pass Internship: 2017

THE BACKSTAGE PASS INTERNSHIP IS BACK FOR ANOTHER SUMMER TOUR What do The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Doors and Led Zeppelin all have in common? Hint: The Teenage Ninja Turtles have it too.History Making, Legendary, Rock Star foursomes. Now, it’s your turn.Drake Cooper’s Backstage Pass is open for applications for…

Buck the Quo Student Ambassador

We are on a mission, searching the globe (actually just Idaho) for a group of rockin' teens with crazy cool ideas. We're looking for high schoolers from all over Idaho to help ideate and generate content for a YouTube series. RESPONSIBILITIESRespond to weekly "challenges" and send video/photo content back to…

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We are always on the hunt for digital masterminds, wordsmiths, gurus and all-around badasses that can contribute to our vision. If you think you’ve got the chops, submit an application or portfolio.

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