To build a better community, you have to Dream Big. At Drake Cooper, we are hopeless dreamers. We dream of a community where everyone shares the responsibility of making it a better place to work and live. We hope that someday our kids thank us.

Through our annual Dream Big program, we work with one ambitious NON PROFIT organization to help develop a unique in-kind branding and cause marketing campaign. We hope that our joint work with the charitable organization increases community awareness, understanding, and inspires action around an important cause.

For more Dream Big information contact Katie Reid.


Applications are accepted during the month of November, ending November 30, 2018. Prior to the end of the calendar year, Drake Cooper team members review applications and select our annual Dream Big recipient. All applicants will be contacted regardless of results.


Drake Cooper wants to hear from applicants who are proactive, full of AMBITION and passionate about their cause. This project is about having fun and making a difference. Applicants must be an IRS designated 501 c (3) organization with a charitable cause. Watch our blog for more details as the annual date approaches.

Currently Dreaming Big:

Faces of Hope

Since, 2006 FACES has provided proactive, victim-centered services and education to those that experience abuse and neglect. This includes abuse ranging from relationship and spousal to elderly and child. Day in and day out they welcome all individuals into a safe and supportive environment. FACES also partners with 18 different organizations to ensure that no resources are missed for those in need.

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Dream Big Alumni