Welcome to the Wild Side

Bornstein Seafoods was created in 1934 and is a third generation, family-owned business. The company is the #2 seafood provider on the West Coast and has a very strong name within the industry for their knowledge of seafood and the quality of their product. Their products ship globally and are mostly sold by restaurants and retail outlets where the end consumer often does not know they are eating Bornstein Seafoods.

What We Did

  • Creative
  • Interactive
  • Video/Photo
  • Strategy

Telling the Story

Authenticity. That’s the real heart of the Bornstein story. A realness that extends far below the surface. It’s a story about building something that lasts. A story that proudly represents the hard-working people who make it happen day-to-day. It’s about the quality. It’s about the people. It’s real.