There’s nothing like a cause to get our hearts pounding and creative juices flowing, even more so when it’s a cause all of us passionately care about—EDUCATION. Since late 2012, we’ve had the honor to partner with the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation to help spark conversations and accelerate change with the Don’t Fail Idaho campaign.

What We Did

  • Creative
  • Interactive
  • Strategy
  • Video/Photo
  • Media
  • Content
  • Analytics

The Opportunity

Recent studies have shown that nothing pisses off people more than recent studies. Especially when you’re talking kids, teachers, and the home team. But facts are facts, and Idaho has consistently ranked second to last in K-12 education with, over 60% of fourth and eighth graders lagging behind in math and reading. Another way to look at it, for every 10 high school freshmen, 8 will graduate high school, 4 will enter college, 2 will still be enrolled their sophomore year, and only one will graduate with a degree.

The Solution

Let’s get real about education. It’s time to stop pointing fingers and roll up our sleeves to do the work. Let’s make sure that everyone plays their part, from the kitchen table to the conference table and from the head of the classroom to the back of the state house. Future generations are counting on each of us. Let’s do this. Don’t Fail Idaho.

An Evolution of a Revolution

Over the years, we’ve embraced different creative approaches, mostly driven by the data and the story needed to best bring it to life. We’ve also allowed for the medium and the urgency to drive messaging and creative. Which is why, while TV and Radio led the awareness push, we used print, collateral, and digital to emphasize important takeaways.

Beginning with the first animated TV spot entitled “Perspectives”, the intent has always been to deliver the facts and statistics in a way that could tell a story while conveying a compelling message of how education is an issue that concerns us all. As the campaign evolved to use real people in real Idaho scenarios, dramatic situations, or metaphorical settings, the takeaway has always been to make education the number one priority in Idaho.