Idaho. To say it’s close to our hearts is an understatement. When given the chance to advocate on behalf of the many adventures, vacation spots, and local secrets this amazing state has to offer, we jumped in yelling, “cannonball!” The campaign gave us a chance to become virtual park rangers, river guides, and trail breakers, all while tapping into the heart-rending truth to make the most of the time we have with our families. Talk about a win, win.

What We Did

  • Creative
  • Interactive
  • Strategy
  • Video/Photo
  • Media
  • Experiential
  • Content
  • Analytics

Case Study Video

The Opportunity

Overworked & Under-Vacationed

Studies show that while people are working more than ever before they are also using less of their allotted vacation time. Translation: less family time. Less memory making time.

The Solution

A Hard Truth

One life lesson that kids teach us is that nothing is more precious than time. If we’re lucky, we get 18 summers with our kids—while they are still kids. Summer vacations can bring families closer together. And more importantly, help us create memories that stand the test of time. It’s high time to bring back the family vacation—with an adventure in Idaho.

Video Postcards

From Our Family to Yours

We brought real families to the Gem State, took them on real life Idaho adventures, and captured those authentic moments where lifelong memories are made. These video “docu-memories” formed the basis of both the content of the 18 Summers microsite and the ads that drove potential travelers to it.