Welcome To The Frontier

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Welcome To The Frontier

Whenever you eat seafood in the U.S., especially throughout the West Coast, there’s a strong possibility it’s from Bornstein Seafoods. The family-owned company has been providing seafood since 1934 and takes tremendous pride in what they do. Working together with Bornstein it became clear that we needed to capture two important things equally: trade and craft. Bornstein applies the “trade ” of fishing in a way that respects their time-honored profession and ensures the ocean remains a source of abundance for generations. The “craft” of their work allows them deliver the best tasting seafood to customers globally with industry-renowned customer service. These two philosophies became the heart of a brand purpose that inspired a refined creative expression for Bornstein Seafoods: Forever Better.

Services Provided

  • Campaign Planning
  • Brand Strategy
  • Mission / Vision Refinement
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Collateral
  • Photography (Drake Cooper in-house teams)
  • Video (Drake Cooper in-house teams)
  • Editing (Drake Cooper in-house teams)
  • Trade Show Design
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