Almonds Are All They Do

For over 100 years, Blue Diamond has been growing and distributing the best almonds and almond products around. As a co-op consisting of 3,000 growers spanning the entire Central Valley of California, Blue Diamond has made a name for themselves as the “Almond People.”

What We Did

  • Creative
  • Video/Photo
  • Content
  • Interactive

The Opportunity

People. It starts there. Every member of the hardworking cooperative is fully dedicated to their craft, just as the generations before were. After seeing how impactful and important these men, women, and families truly are to Blue Diamond, we knew we had to represent and convey that properly to the rest of the almond-eating world. Armed with purpose, we went about concepting, shooting, and delivering the “Grower’s Series.”

The Solution

The premise is simple. Show the people, the real people, who get up every morning and head out into the almond orchards. By the way, almonds grow on trees. That’s important to remember.

These orchards are tended with the utmost care by fathers and sons, mothers, and daughters. It’s a family business, spread across all of California.

So we selected three real, family run growing operations and captured their stories.

The Gemperle Family

The Indart Family

The Chandler Family