Looking After Your Daily Balance

Idaho Central Credit Union stands out in the world of credit unions and local banks. It’s not their banking practices that separates them, it’s their focus. ICCU’s mission is “Helping members achieve financial success.” It’s at the very core of what they do. Not the money. Not the services. The success of their members. That’s refreshing. That’s ICCU.

What We Did

  • Strategy
  • Creative
  • Media
  • Video/Photo

Your Money

A Good Day’s Work

The Opportunity

ICCU is an amazing, Idaho-based credit union and people need to know that their main concern is empowering people all across Idaho to become financially secure. Make ICCU the most beloved brand in Idaho by creating branded TV content that highlights their support and dedication to everyday Idahoans and their families. It’s a mouthful, but it was the goal.

The Solution

Stretching one idea across multiple concepts was never on the table. ICCU is unique and so are its members. Instead, we chose to embody one style and execute that style across multiple concepts. Choosing that style came down to the…obvious. Idaho. Showcasing ICCU means highlighting the people that make it special. So we created TV spots that featured real Idahoans and ICCU customers.

The Mighty Dollar

Card Control

Home is Where You Make It


The Hardware