Only 46% of Idaho high school students go on after graduation—one of the lowest rates in the country.

The J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation partnered with Drake Cooper to create a campaign to help move the state toward its 2020 goal of 60%.

What We Did

  • Creative
  • Interactive
  • Strategy
  • Video/Photo
  • Experiential Design
  • Media
  • Analytics
  • Community Management

Case Study Video

The Opportunity

The way adults usually try to solve this problem is to wag their fingers—telling kids what they need to do. We call those people “They Sayers” and they suck. So after years of go-on rates falling further and further— it became clear that Idaho teenagers were not responding to previous statewide attempts. Something new and different was needed.

Our Solution

Buck the Quo is a social change branding campaign centered on shifting mindsets. It was launched as a multi-phased approach to create awareness, foster acceptance, and increase the familiarity of the options for after high school. Most importantly, it was focused on Idaho teens. Not their parents. Not their teachers. The actual students.

More in Store Experience

To reach this, ad-averse generation, one phase consisted of a traveling tour featuring a pop-up retail experience called the “More In Store”.

The tour appeared across Idaho at state fairs and areas where teens gathered. This mock-retail engagement allowed teens to have a meaningful conversation about what they want their life to be like in the future. Only teens under 18 were allowed inside where they could then talk freely about their struggles and questions. Multiple touch points reinforced that they could tap into their potential and their futures were much brighter than they thought.