Picture Yourself Here

CBH Homes is the biggest home builder in Idaho. Yes, they build the most houses, but their focus is on building the right homes. Homes that are filled with love. Homes that empower the people and families that buy them. Homes so shiny, new and awesome you’ll have to wear sunglasses to look at them. And they want every buyer to feel that love, support and sheer awesomeness when they walk into their future home. This is CBH HOMES.

What We Did

  • Creative
  • Animation
  • Illustration
  • Media

The Opportunity

Create a new line of social ad assets that had an extra scoop of awesome mixed in.

The Solution

Social platforms are fickle. There’s no “how-to manual” that gives you instructions on how to stand out. We knew they needed to be fresh and they needed to stop those thumbs out there from scrolling wildly. They had to move. So we made them move.