ExtraMile® Convenience Stores sought to create a stronger connection with heavy c-store users by reimagining their superfan brand mascot, ExtraMan.

ExtraMan Build Case Study


While the conventional wisdom around brand characters ebbs and flows, our research showed that a brand character is one of the strongest assets for strengthening brand identity and reinforcing top-of-mind awareness in the marketplace. 

We led the charge to evolve the ExtraMan character design to have a more human touch and connect seamlessly with the customer experience. This was accomplished in tandem with a fresh look at the ExtraMile brand, marketing, and advertising creative. 

In collaboration with Scholar, a creative production company, we began a multi-phase character redesign, 3D conversion, animation, and integrated campaign for ExtraMan. Based on heavy c-store user research, we created an approachable ExtraMan that could deliver on expectations. This evolved persona can delight heavy c-store users with the information they need, where they need it. 

What We Did

  • Campaign Planning™
  • Research
  • Branding
  • Messaging
  • Advertising
  • Animation

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