Blue Diamond Almonds wanted to tell its sustainability story in an authentic and compelling way featuring its family growers to address the impacts of almond growing honestly and void of “greenwashing.”



There will always be controversy surrounding food brands and sustainability. This is especially true for almond growers, with a lot of speculation and rumors from people who aren’t exactly experts themselves.

To change up the narrative, we took to the streets of Sacramento to ask people questions about Blue Diamond almonds. We hired an on-camera host to bring life and levity to these light, humorous, and energetic on-the-street interviews, where we asked questions about almond sustainability in an attempt to myth bust some of the misconceptions. From there, we cut to our family farmers, reacting to the on-the-street answers and providing the nitty gritty details and the correct answers to the almond sustainability questions. Thematically, we branded the initiative The More You Grow and locked it up with the Blue Diamond Almonds logo—along with the tagline pint-sized lessons in sustainability.

The four long-form and short-form videos encapsulated in a campaign landing page provide answers to the almond industry’s most pressing sustainability issues around bee health, water conservation, carbon footprint, and orchard stewardship while bringing in the voices of the family farmers who make it all happen.

What We Did

  • Branding
  • Messaging
  • Photo
  • Video
  • UX


Carbon Footprint

Orchard Stewardship