“Making it pretty is easy, making it correct is hard.”
—frequently overheard at Drake Cooper

Winning the heart and mind of the modern consumer

It seems straightforward. You need to make your brand desirable. The challenge is getting there effectively and it usually begins with some critical self-evaluation. Brands need to ask fundamental questions such as, “Are we thinking about our brand in the most effective way?” or “Is our messaging distinctive and compelling, evoking a human truth?” or more importantly, “Are we delivering the best customer experience that inspires engagement and enthusiasm?”

Questions like these have no easy answer. Working through them requires a united approach that integrates brand strategy, creativity, and the consumer experience together to create meaningful connections that build brands while generating results. Organizations who think and act in this way, no matter their size, are better positioned to attract today’s consumer and steal more share from competitors than they otherwise would.

Today’s Consumer…

Modern Consumer Ease
1.Expects to easily find what they want and get what they need, wherever they are.
Modern Consumer Relevance
2.Dislikes being bothered by things that don’t help them.
Modern Consumer Delight
3.Enjoys winning.
(E.g. saving money, finding something better, being acknowledged, not getting taken advantage of, being delighted, etc.)

In order to create effective marketing that connects with these consumers, brands need to create desire using both logic and emotion. A brand has to appeal to both the head and the heart while remaining agile and relevant in an ever-shifting marketplace. Navigating these challenges is central to Drake Cooper’s unique approach.

Through our Campaign Planning™ strategic development, we evaluate how an organization thinks and then uncover the authentic brand purpose. It has to be true and ownable. Our Creative team uses a collaborative, empathy-driven approach that creates compelling messaging, images, and stories that resonate with people on an emotional level. Whether it’s a laugh, a tear, or an eye-opening insight, people should feel something. Our Brand Experience practice looks for opportunities to re-imagine how a brand interacts with people online and in daily life. Ultimately a brand is more than an identity or a message, it has a purpose that must be validated at all touchpoints.

Using Logic & Emotion to Build Desirable Brands

Campaign Planning

How an organization thinks about its brand.



How the brand should make people feel.


Brand Experience

What the brand should do.




Being able to deliver these solutions requires deploying diverse disciplines that all must operate under one roof. These include: design, storytelling, UX and UI, brand strategy, media planning & buying, data analytics, campaign development, account management, digital development, video and audio, online content, gaming, consumer research, and more.

Drake Cooper believes that all these disciplines serve one purpose and that is help to people and organizations ambitious enough to believe they can make the world a better place.

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