Eyeballs or Engagement? Yes.

Unlike some big box creative media agency, we believe that the best media strategy is driven by data and imagination. It’s like a complex dance. They both have to flow and move together. If one step of that dance goes off the rails, say media trafficking lacks the data or media planning is unimaginative, the whole thing can fall apart. That’s bad for your brand and probably bad for dancing (sticking with the metaphor). Which is why our Drake Cooper Media Outreach team provides an in-house, cross-functional group of experts who are deeply versed in media strategy, media planning, media buying, media trafficking, media outreach…you know…if the first word is media and has a marketing-y sounding word after it, our people are great at it. That includes execution and optimization across both traditional and digital media.

We believe an effective creative media agency utilizes way more than a generic, cookie-cutter process where you create a dashboard, set it and forget it. Instead, we integrate with data and analytics to continually measure and optimize throughout a campaign ensuring results that reach your goals. What’s the point of media buying if you don’t back it up with good old fashioned science and numbers?

Here are some of the vehicles we work in, laid out in free verse:

Broadcast TV and streaming alternatives (OTT, CTV, YouTube, Hulu, Roku, and more), broadcast radio and digital alternatives (Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud, and more), outdoor, out-of-home, print, paid search (Google Adwords and Bing), programmatic video and display, and social (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, Quora and Reddit).

Pretty good, right? We didn’t even practice that free verse. We just riffed it.