Smarts in Numbers

Whether it’s trending as tired or wired, analytics continues to be a vital tool in navigating today’s chaotic marketplace. Analytics are instrumental in nearly all phases of Campaign Planning™, allowing teams to measure and fine-tune website analytics, social analytics, and more in real-time. Analytics is both a science and an art because it’s one thing to measure and recognize patterns and something else to be able to discover insights and turn them into action both strategically and creatively.

While we could outsource to an analytics agency, we decided to go another direction by building a team of ultra-qualified experts who really love numbers. From website analytics to consumer data insights, this is the department that makes everything we work on more effective.

With an external analytics agency, sometimes things get missed or delayed. A simple (and crucial) insight deemed from website analytics could get lost in translation. At Drake Cooper, our team is boots-on-the-ground and in the meetings where they can do the most good and improve overall campaign success.

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