Decisions Based From Data

Agency and client teams both want to know if the work we’re doing together is achieving results. To monitor this, we have an in-house analytics team made up of marketing and data analysts who are assigned to specific accounts (just like all other agency teams). These analysts are briefed at the onset of campaigns, included throughout the development process, and monitor the in-market performance of the work offering advice and counsel at every stage. Analysts evaluate media performance and creative effectiveness to identify areas where improvements should be made and results can be analyzed.

The philosophy that our analytics team focuses on is called “Brand Health”. To monitor this, they analyze reach, engagement, leads, sales, and every part of the customer journey that the agency works within for a client. Drake Cooper analysts run our in-house data warehouse which provides real-time reporting across all channels. They work directly with clients, presenting their findings and insights through dashboards, campaign recaps, and ongoing analyst points-of-view. Key parts of our tech stack include: Improvado, Google BigQuery, and Tableau.

In-house analytics is extremely important to have because today’s media and digital landscape is constantly changing. In such a landscape, real time data reporting and proactive measurement of campaign and brand performance provides a high level of confidence and trust. Our in-house analytics team integrates data throughout the entire agency so that Drake Cooper can make informed, data-based decisions with our clients, and not simply rely on subjective opinions.

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