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Idaho’s name is mentioned year after year at the Lottery industry’s NASPL Annual Conference.  This year in Providence Rhode Island was no different when the Idaho Lottery was recognized with awards for “The Great Idaho Cashword” television commercial and “For the Love of Bacon” point-of-sale.


Drake Cooper is proud to be an Idaho Lottery partner and we love to shout out these well-deserved kudos.  The Idaho Lottery, by the size of its player-base, is one of the smaller lotteries in North America.  Nonetheless, they’re recognized among their peers as an industry leader.  This isn’t an accident. It’s by design.  Their vision is to be the highest performing jurisdiction in North America (demonstrated by a 12.4 % YOY sales increase for FY 2013). Their vision for marketing is to be the most successful marketing department in North America – to be legendary.  That means stepping out of the comfort zone, breaking out of the box and bringing unique products and messages to Idaho players. Several years ago Idaho pioneered the first VIP club in the country and most recently they were the first in North America to roll out TAP Scratch game technology. Way to go Idaho Lottery!