Empathy is Queen

Empathy is Queen

Drake Cooper creative teams use a collaborative, empathy-driven approach to creative design in order to create compelling messaging, visuals, designs, and ideas that resonate with people on an emotional level. Whether it’s a laugh, a tear, or an eye-opening insight, we think that people should feel something. Something powerful and more importantly, intentional. Our fine-tuned (but always evolving) creative design practices look for opportunities to re-imagine how a brand interacts with people online and on mobile—and yes, in real life. After all, most of the truly great experiences happen there.

Working collaboratively with clients, we deploy a Design Thinking model to creative and brand design that is centered on rapid prototyping to produce a wider range of ideas. This method is applied to every aspect of the creative process from copywriting and logo design, to complete brand design, to social media content and print ads. It also allows us to get to more effective work with active client involvement and ultimately build brands that are un-ignorable. That’s a word, right? It should be.

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