And The Winner Is…..

frogIt’s award season and the red carpet is out in Hollywood. Well, roll out the carpet in Idaho, too, for the Idaho Lottery’s recognition at the industry’s main event in Atlantic City, New Jersey where they took home some serious metal. The Idaho Lottery received six awards at The North American State and Provincial Lotteries (NASPL) annual award show: Best TV Advertising – Corporate/Beneficiary for “$600 Million”; Best Radio Advertising – Instant Games for “Huckleberry, 3 Words”; Best New Media for Powerball’s “Huge Food” video; Finalist – TV under $25,000 for “Frogger/Coach”; Finalist – New Instant Game for Frogger and Finalist – Promotion for 25th anniversary Mountain Climb Game.

Idaho is small potatoes with less than half a percent of the US population. The Idaho Lottery, however, is a giant when it comes to outstanding work in the industry. Each year, the Idaho Lottery returns home with peer recognition under its belt and this year, of the 41 categories for awards, the Idaho Lottery came home with an award in six. That’s a winner in 15% of the categories available, an amazingly legendary stat.

Drake Cooper is privileged to work with this great organization and the team that works tirelessly to maximize the dividend contribution to Idaho’s public schools and the permanent building fund. The other great thing – the work is just dang fun. Take a look.


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Drake Cooper
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