The Mixtape ft. Drones, Color, & Star Wars

Drones Go To Work

It is often thought that the future of drones is in consumer activity. We imagine this utopia where you order something from Amazon and it shows up in a matter of minutes at your front door. With the skies buzzing with little aircraft, we have always thought of drones as a consumer product. But in recent times, businesses and industries around the world have found ways to save millions of dollars using tiny little robots. The future of drones might be different than we thought, and it might be already happening.

Harvard Business Review | Read Time: 12 mins


The Surprising Pattern Behind Color Names Around The World

We grow up just sort of knowing the names of colors. And beyond how we perceive them, we never really think of where the names came from or how other cultures describe them. We would never have thought that there would be differences and patterns in how different cultures describe the colors around them. Some languages don’t have words for blue, but they still see it every day in the sky. Why do some cultures describe the ocean as the color of wine? These questions intrigued psychologists Paul Kay and Brent Berlin, and they found something rather remarkable.

Vox | Watch Time: 7 mins


Kathleen Kennedy Made Your Favorite Childhood Films. Now She’s Reinventing Star Wars

Kathleen Kennedy is creating an endless Star Wars universe. By bringing together a group of Star Wars fanatics and writers, she is helping to construct one seamless narrative for the entire galaxy. Storytelling has never successfully been done on this scale, and as a fan, we often miss what happens behind the scenes. Kathleen Kennedy’s knack for planning, collaboration, and focus on the fandom is changing the way we think of storytelling.

WIRED | Read Time: 12 mins

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