Building Trust on Social Media

Mashable published a great read, titled “The Science of Building Trust with Social Media.”

Just last night, I was conversing with an individual who believes that all communication that occurs via social media is ’empty.’ Said individual also believes that tomorrow’s Facebook will be yesterday’s MySpace.

While I agree on the latter point, I disagree on the former.

Facebook will either evolve or some new technology will make it irrelevant in a year, or a day. But, genuine and affective communication will forever be invaluable to human beings – regardless of the communication channel.

I love this article; I believe it supports my opinion that if a company communicates via social media to the most genuine extent possible, then the audience will engage and the company will benefit from its efforts.

As the article and Ron Burgundy say, “it’s science.”

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Drake Cooper
Drake Cooper
March 16, 2010