Damn, It Feels Good To Be 100% Employee-Owned

Yesterday, Drake Cooper met for its first-ever annual shareholder’s meeting.

As a brief refresher, in December 2020, Drake Cooper became an ESOP (employee stock ownership plan), transferring 100% ownership to all of its employees. Yesterday, Drake Cooper met for its first-ever annual shareholder’s meeting. Each year, every employee will receive stock at no cost to them, regardless of their role in the agency.

During the meeting, CEO, Jamie Cooper, covered our performance in 2020 and reviewed the stock statements that employee-owners will receive in the mail. He explained that our stock price has been set by an independent outside valuation firm, approved by our Trustee and Board of Directors, and will be intact until the stock is valued again at the close of 2021.

Drake Cooper | 100% Employee-Owned Hype Reel

August 24th marks a very important day in our agency’s history for both our employees and clients because…

We’re All In: As owners, we play in the same key and move in the same direction. This means we all have a real stake in our relationships and our client’s success.

We Go For Great: We love what we do and we’re continually inspiring each other. All 55+ of us strive for excellence with one goal in mind: To create work that works.

We Play The Long Game: With higher retention, we’re able to build on great service and experience year after year. Being stakeholders allows us to have a shared commitment to our client stakeholders.

We Build A Better Culture: We collaborate and think of each other like a family. We have a vested interest in doing our best and continually innovating to build a better culture that puts our clients first.

Drake Cooper | Employee-Ownership: What It Means

Overall, we are stoked to be part of an agency that helps create wealth for working people, cares more about our customers, and is rooted in our local community here in Boise.

Here’s an insider’s look at how our first shareholder’s meeting went.

Damn, it feels good to be 100% employee-owned.

DC Inaugural Shareholders Meeting via Zoom
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Drake Cooper
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