DC after Dark

Twice a week from 6-9pm in a remote classroom on the campus of Boise State and sometimes in a familiar conference room, with orange globe lights located in Idaho’s coolest ad place-space a group of 16 students and 1 DC peep (posing as an adjunct professor) engage in studiously creative and curiously compelling conversations sponsored by all things caffeinated, sugar dipped, and hand clicked. (how’s that for a run on sentence?)

For your viewing pleasure: Deliciously flavored eye candy from a recently completed project: “Collateral Damage.” Created by 16 of Boise’s newest soon to be finest design-alists.

Note: Art 203 is the first, in a series of design classes, that are part of the Graphic Design curriculum at BSU.

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Drake Cooper
Drake Cooper
November 5, 2009