Do Superbowl Commercials and Social Media Need to Mix?

A friend e-mailed this hilarious Doritos commercial, titled “Doritos Slap.”


Just days before the Superbowl, I wondered if this great new spot had been leaked online.
Turns out, it’s part of the online campaign: “Doritos Presents: CRASH THE SUPERBOWL.”

Apparently, this campaign allowed consumers to create and submit commercials that consumers would vote on; finalists would win dinero and ultimately, the top three will be shown during the Superbowl as a Doritos brand commercial (whatever that means).

Part of me loves the consumer outreach aspect of this. Another part of me is disappointed that I’ve seen the commercials already. The “Crash the Superbowl” concept just impacts consumers like me and the other viewers who watch these commercial spots online and thus get jilted out of seeing three new, mind-blowing, hilarious, creative, etc. spots during the actual game.

Doritos, you’re crashing MY Superbowl. Not cool. So next year, have your highly-paid marketing execs. employ their own creativity and come up with something cool. Then, don’t spill the beans before the big game.

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Drake Cooper
Drake Cooper
February 8, 20101 min read