Fraud Tycoon

Through game-based storytelling, Fraud Tycoon aims to drag the tools and techniques of cybercriminals from the shadows and into the light to help educate both retailers and the general public about fraud. Developed through a partnership between Kount and game-based storytelling company Ponywolf, Fraud Tycoon isn’t a ‘how-to guide’ for would-be fraudsters, but a wake up call for retailers and consumers alike.

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Fraud Tycoon is designed to use puzzle-based gameplay to build awareness of real-world fraud techniques. The retro look and play style of Fraud Tycoon pays homage to classic puzzlers from the glory days of 8-bit gaming. By providing the game for free on Apple and Android devices, Kount’s goal is to educate people about the evolving nature of fraud and the techniques Kount battles every day to keep businesses and consumers safe.


You can download the free app on iTunes and Google Play.


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