Idaho, Great for Business


According to MSNBC, the most improved state for business is also the one with some of the finest outdoor recreation in the country. It’s true that Idaho is an outstanding place to live and work and now you can experience this one-of-a-kind balance at the all-new Idaho Commerce website.

The online experience is “responsive” so the design and content automatically adjust to any device – important since users range from site selectors to many different types of Idaho businesses and communities. The site provides critical assistance relevant to business and economic growth giving visitors a glimpse of all Idaho has to offer through bold scenic photography and a seamless information architecture.

The mission of Idaho Commerce is to create jobs, strengthen communities and market the state. Take a look and see for yourself why organizations from Clif Bar to Portugal-based Frulact think Idaho is great for business.

Here are some of the key features of the online experience, as highlighted in a recent press release from the department


  • Scenic, all-Idaho photography that displays the vast beauty of the state.
  • A redesigned homepage with easy-to-access tools and specially designed areas for showcasing news and stories about Idaho businesses.
  • A fully customizable, embedded maps page that display various types of information on a statewide level.
  • Embedded Gem State Prospector for businesses looking to relocate to or expand in Idaho.
  • Easy access to tools for businesses, site selectors, tourists and other State agencies.
  • An easy-to-navigate structure that highlights information about the needs of Idaho businesses, along with Idaho’s incentives, international trade capabilities, tax structure, available grants, government contracting, business climate, communities, and more.
  • A redesigned site for Idaho’s tourism businesses with information about the Idaho Travel Council grant program, along with helpful resources for marketing your business.
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Drake Cooper
Drake Cooper
November 14, 20131 min read