150 Jacksons Products, Redesigned

Drake Cooper has been working with Jacksons as the agency of record for almost five years. The relationship began with helping manage their campaigns and promotions, and has evolved to include a complete rebrand and massive packaging projects. To date, we’ve helped redesign over 150 Jacksons products.



Rethinking the C-Store Product

As Jacksons continues to grow, the need for a strong private-label brand was increasing. This is something customers have begun to see across the c-store industry. Private-label products are a fantastic way to offer consumers a great product at a better price with stronger margins for the company. This even goes beyond brick-and-mortar stores with the recent announcement of Amazon producing a new line private-label products to be delivered right to your door. Price is probably the most important factor with private-label products, but there is a fine balance you have to find to compete for pricing without sacrificing quality, especially against national brands. Consumers have a subconscious process in which they can roughly determine the quality of a product from its display, design, and the unique characteristics. Yet, with every product category being slightly different and appealing to specific psychographic audiences, each good needs to be carefully researched before a redesign can even begin. We start each project with that in mind and draw a lot of learnings from researching the national brand the product will be up against.

From Concept to production, to Sales

Take pastry for example. One of our most recent endeavors, the thinking needs to go far beyond just package design to understand and communicate the value propositions to consumers. For pastries, as with many food products, the most important components are freshness and quality, ultimately guiding a consumer to experience a tasty product. When thinking about packaging, there were lots of formats and options to consider. In the end, we recommended a sticker band. Sticker bands are unique in that they are unobtrusive, leaving most of your attention to the actual pastry and not the packaging. Specifically within the c-store industry, conveying quality is critical.  Consumers need to see the quality of the product they are buying. Blocking it with a box or colored wrapper just makes it more difficult to understand what a consumer is getting. Furthermore, designing the entire display area to be cohesive and showcase product imagery helps evoke more positive emotions. To do this, the pastries were paired with fresh bananas and fruit to help consumers draw correlations between fresh fruit and a packaged good.
Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 5.59.16 PM
We launched the new products in March, and though we still have a lot to go before drawing conclusions, there was a sharp spike in sales almost immediately. This is just the beginning of a long and industry-leading project to reshape Jackson’s presence in the c-store market.

Take a look for yourself.

Jacksons iced tea
Self-serve tea products
Jacksons Hot Food roller
Jacksons Hot Food roller
Jacksons Soft Drink Cups
Soft Drink Cups
Jacksons Deli Display
Fresh and Deli Display
Jacksons Bottled Water
Bottled Water
Jacksons Potato Chips and Snacks
Jacksons Potato Chips
Jacksons Candy
Variety Candy Containers
Jacksons Beef Jerky
Beef Jerky
Jacksons lunch mix
Lunch Variety
Jacksons Drinks and Snacks
Drinks and Snacks
Jacksons Drinks and Snacks
Drinks and Snacks
Jacksons Coffee

If you would like to see everything in person, find your local Jacksons and experience the tasty goodness for yourself.

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