Kids Hate Twitter?

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CHART OF THE DAY: Actually, Kids Don’t Hate Twitter Anymore!

For the past week or so, the country has been obsessed with the theory that kids hate Twitter. Well now comScore tells us that kids used to hate Twitter, but they don’t anymore.

While Twitter’s user base historically favored older users, people between ages 12-24 have been Twitter’s fastest growing age group of late. And now that age group is actuallydisproportionately visiting Twitter, according to comScore.

This chart shows comScore U.S. unique visitor stats for different age groups. A “100” score means that age group is represented among Twitter’s user base in perfect proportion to how much that age group uses the Web as a whole.

In July, people ages 12-14 scored a “121” — meaning they were represented among Twitter visitors 21% more than they were represented among total Web users. And that’s up from the mid-70s — significant underindexing — on Twitter six months ago. In summary, if comScore’s stats are accurate, people between ages 12-24 are using Twitter, and a lot more are using it now than before.


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Drake Cooper
Drake Cooper
September 9, 2009