Kodak CMO’s Daunting Challenge

Watch this 3 min. video from AdAge:
Kodak CMO’s challenge to make Kodak technologically relevant again.

Few thoughts:

1. Bureaucracy, processes, over-think have little-to-no place on the Internet, especially when it comes to social media and viral campaigns. Hayzlett’s story of the $300 fine illustrates this. It’s not to say smart strategy isn’t necessary, because it is. But it has to be fast, smart strategy.

2. Kodak’s need to redefine it’s business model reminds me of the Greyhound story I posted on last week (see below). It’s inspiring to watch as companies adapt to rapidly evolving consumer needs and habits. We’re talking big, fundamental changes here too. I imagine the people who ultimately instigate those changes are awesome leaders. Hayzlett is perceivably one.

3. Consumers like to interact with brands – whether online, in Best Buy, or in experiential marketing events. They know there’s always a chance the name they suggest for the Zi8 might actually get picked. Social media is one venue that allows for interaction and it’s pretty easy to generate. It’s a tweet. But again, as Hayzlett’s story illustrates, when too much thinking and planning goes into the social media process, the end-result can be canned, ineffective, or just miss the boat entirely.

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Drake Cooper
Drake Cooper
December 15, 2009