May in Motion…and Drake Cooper kids too

Here at Drake Cooper, we love all of our clients for the fun times they bring us. ACHD (Ada County Highway District) Commuterride really upped the ante though, when they showed up one innocent April afternoon and challenged Drake Cooper employees to leave their cars parked and use alternative transportation as part of a citywide “May in Motion” challenge.

May In Motion Logo

Throughout the merry month of May, Commuterride and a slew of other Boise businesses and organizations sponsor and promote “May in Motion,” 31 days dedicated to educating and motivating people to learn about and use transportation options other than their car.

Instead of firing up the ignition and burning the petro, Drake Cooper kids have been walking, biking, carpooling, riding the bus, and even hailing rickshaws on their daily commutes to work. We need to give thanks to Valley Ride Transit, who donated free bus passes for the competition. This has prompted a couple of Drake Cooper kids to test-out and realize just how easy and accessible riding VRT really is.

Rickshaw bikeWe’ll be commuting sans cars all month, but to cap-off May in Motion with a bang, The Boise Bicycle Project is throwing the Bicycle Block Party on Friday, May 21, which is also “National Bike to Work Day.” We’re super excited for this event, and are planning to be there with bells on (our bikes).

While we always push ourselves for our clients on campaigns and projects, this is a great example of a client pushing us to be better for ourselves, our community, and our environment.

So, “Thanks, Commuterride!” Thanks to VRT and the Boise Bicycle Project too, along with every other Idaho company who’s contributed to May in Motion.

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Drake Cooper
Drake Cooper
May 13, 2010