Meet Kate Nichols

Kate is awesome; it’s science. You can’t argue with science. She is an Art Director and designer, a Breaking Bad super-fan, and Drake Cooper legend. She can turn a jumble of fonts, ideas, and images into a masterpiece that Milton Glaser would want to hang on his fridge.

Those of us here at Drake Cooper know Kate is more than just a creative who paints pretty pictures. She personifies what it means to be a team player. Honestly, we don’t think she even knows how to use the word “I.” She’s everyone’s anchor, always offering kindness and support. Quite simply, she makes our office a better place. So let us introduce you to this dog-loving, wine-drinking, movie-going, Idaho native, Kate.

DC: Which character would you be in Breaking Bad and why?

Kate: I don’t think I’m actually any of the characters, rather, I’m more of a blend. I can relate to each individual at some point during the show. Just so we’re clear, I’m a law abiding citizen. However, I think the brilliance of the show is the character development. I could connect with them all at some point during the storyline, whether it was everyday things or dramatic situations. It was interesting to see how each character had their gift and how they used these gifts in these intense situations. Some days I was Gus, other times I was Walt and even some days I was Saul. It’s the best show there ever was. Hands down.

DC: Dolphin or shark?

Kate: Dolphin. I think dolphins are friendlier and like to travel in groups. They also live in warm water. Big plus.

DC: You are an amazing designer, no doubt. Name one project that you were like, “Damn, I nailed it.”

Kate: I think it’s good to have confidence and to use your intuition. I work with an amazing team, and at the end of the day, I know we have had the perfect group of people to accomplish any project. The true sign of great work on a project is when a client comes back to you and tells you that you nailed it. Praise from the client is when you know you hit a home run.

DC: One lesson that every designer needs to know?

Kate: The best piece of advice would be to come up with a lot of different ideas and paths for your projects. Work through them and go with the ones that are feeling good. Trust your gut and learn to filter quickly. Once you start doing that you see that simplifying is key – start big and end simple.

DC: Why are those “easy open” food packages never easy to open?

Kate: Poor design. Those are my final thoughts, whoever invented plastic clamshells needs to reevaluate their choices.

DC: If you could create a television show what would it be about?

Kate: A modern day ad agency show. Advertising is so beyond Mad Men, we have a whole internet side of our business now, and it would make for an amazing dark comedy.

DC: What is the best Christmas gift you have ever been given?

Kate: I honestly can’t think of one specific gift. I was very lucky, my mother and grandmother always spoiled me growing up. If I had to choose, I’d say that my favorite gifts are the CD’s my boyfriend makes for me. The best part is that he sends them through the mail to me. It’s those simple but thoughtful gifts that are the best.

DC: Biggest learning experience at Drake Cooper? Go.

Kate: The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that we are about relationships, not only client relationships but with the people we work with. You have to learn their style and learn how to work together as a team while adapting to different types of personalities and communication methods. I think we hire the right people, and we collaborate in a very productive way. We’re a friendly, smart bunch with different work styles – powerful as a team.

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