The Mixtape ft. 3 Ads That Always Re-Inspire Us

It’s been a big week for advertising. While we normally like to extend The Mixtape to things we are learning and reading about beyond our normal scope of interest, we thought it appropriate just to recognize and appreciate great work from creatives in our industry. Here are 3 of our favorite ads, new and old, that have been floating around the office lately.

We’re Superhumans | Rio Paralympics 2016 Trailer

Who is to say what people can and can’t do? The 2016 Rio Paralympics trailer drives the point home with a classy video showing that despite setbacks and disadvantages, we are all capable of achieving greatness.

Watch Time: 3 mins

Volvo Moments

Take three minutes to watch an entire life take place, from being nervous on the first day of school, falling in love, and traveling the world. Rather than showcase a series of features and blurt out the latest and greatest about the new XC60, Volvo brings story and emotion to remind us why we take modern safety features for granted.

Watch Time: 3 mins


Adidas – Break Free

Believe it or not, Adidas originally declined to broadcast this ad. Built by a team of students and independent creatives, it is a clear example of the way fresh thinking and new talent can breathe life into a segment.

Watch Time: 2 mins

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Drake Cooper
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