The Mixtape ft. Cartoon Network, Apple & Google, & Chance The Rapper

The Notebook That Reveals the 2007 Cartoon Network

It’s remarkable how quickly we move on from things in life. The way we change music tastes, show preferences, design styles, and other trends fade so quickly and we kind of forget that it ever happened. Well, thanks to one curious individual, we get to take a look back and see some of the ad value and media propositions by Cartoon Network. It’s a pretty great throwback.

Medium | Read Time: 6 mins

Apple and Google Have Two Very Different Models of Capitalism

More of a curious read for the finance professional or economist, there are interesting shifts taking place as technology continues to become more powerful. Business models and changing and the way consumers use and save money is different than ever before. This shift in busines models is also changing the way corporate investors behave and there’s a lot at stake.

The Atlantic | Read Time: 7 mins

Chance The Rapper: Tiny Desk Concert

Finally, we’ve shared Tiny Desk Concerts before. They are just so good! Another great way to have a new perspective on the artistry and talent by your favorite musicians. Aside from all the chaos and production of shows on tour, take a step back and appreciate this video with Chance The Rapper.

NPR | Watch Time: 12 mins

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