The Mixtape ft. Comic Con, Disney Accelerator, & Blockchain

With comics now dominating pop culture, how important is San Diego Comic Con anymore?

Is Comic Con becoming mainstream? What does that mean for the passion and heart behind what Comic Con used to be? Thanks to the rise of YouTube, Twitch, and a few other platforms, video games and nerd culture, in general, has rapidly gone from a strange subset of culture to now a very mainstream and respected piece. ESPN is even broadcasting esports on their primary channels. A few of our staff have even noticed ad placements from Budweiser for esports networks. Pop culture is no longer just about film celebrities and athletes. People are getting recognized for who they are and the world is realizing, competitive gaming is actually kind of cool.

Quartz | Read Time: 5 mins

Disney Puts A New Spin On Its Accelerator

Disney’s business lab is making some shifts in the companies it invests into and purchases. If you aren’t familiar with Disney’s Accelerator, it’s a great place to explore and see some of the latest innovation, especially around animation, technology, and film.

Tech Crunch | Read Time: 2 mins

Blockchain: The New Technology of Trust

As the world continues to grow and the connections between devices and people increase exponentially, security and anonymity become even more important. Blockchain, a technology known primarily for its use in Bitcoin, has the potential to be a game-changer in digital storage and security. This website by Goldman Sachs is very different in that it’s not editorial, but a great-looking website that guides you through how it works.

Goldman Sachs | Read Time 15 mins

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