The Mixtape ft. Equality in Advertising, Instagram Stories, & How Smartphones Are Affecting Teens

Parents Have “The Talk” in Important and Impactful Ad From P&G

Should your brand get involved in political and social issues? Most people will say no. P&G recently launched a campaign reaching out and empathizing with black consumers and it’s been getting a lot of positive feedback. Now, more than ever, brands are choosing to interact with disenfranchised and struggling individuals in their community, and for a giant brand like P&G to makes these moves, this is a big deal.

AdWeek | Read time: 2 mins

A Year Of Stories: Launching Is The Easy Part

We always find it interesting to read and learn about how our favorite products come to life. The Instagram development team blogs and records their experiences and how they are shaping the world of social media and this post really opens the floodgates to one of the most successful social media launches ever.

Medium | Read time: 8 mins

Have Smartphones Destroyed A Generation?

For years, there have been complaints and observations by people all over the world saying things like “kids these days don’t play outside” or “when I was your age, I was out causing trouble with my friends and exploring the world.” Well, now there’s some data to support these theories, and the outcomes are really bleak. Probably one of the more insightful articles we have shared, this brings to light some of the darker outcomes from social media and technology at our fingertips.

The Atlantic | Read time: 12 mins

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