The Mixtape ft. Game of Thrones, Consignment Trends & Superhuman Breathing Technique

Fanfiction By Someone Who’s Never Seen: Game of Thrones

It’s not every day where we go out of our way and tell somebody to go read some random fan fiction. This, however, we couldn’t hold back and figured there was no better way to kick off your Monday than with some great comedy.

Medium | Read time: 3 mins


Consignment Startups Win by Breaking the Rules of Retail

It’s no mystery that the retail industry is going through some massive shifts. With many industry giants closing doors and web technology rapidly giving rise to fashion start-ups, there’s a lot to sort through. One subset that has seen strong growth, consignment. It’s more than just buying and selling people’s clothing, the fashion and retail world is about to go through some huge changes.

Racked | Read time: 5 mins


What It Takes To Hold Breath For 24 Minutes

How long do you think you can hold your breath? You can probably double it in just one day with professional training. Not a skill you’ll hopefully never need to use, but in the world of freediving, it’s one of the most critical techniques you can master.

Wired | Read time: 5 mins

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